Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Future Chefs of America

The boy has got it in the head that he wants to be chef. Anytime I go into the kitchen he is right behind me asking what he can do to help. For a boy who hates to pay attention at school time, he is very attentive to learning how to cook. I for one would love to have a professional chef in the family.

Last night he helped me make beef stroganoff and cheesy broccoli. As he can now brown hamburger and microwave vegetables, the mom in me sighs in relief. If he never learns anything more about cooking at least he can feed himself as a bachelor.

The down side to this: he is so eager to help and learn that my girls are not getting time in the kitchen. (They are quite fine with this.) But since the probability of them both marrying chefs is small and as it is the woman's role to be a helpmeet to her husband (ie: cooking for him) I'm going to need to schedule kitchen help so that everyone gets training.

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