Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Poor Blogging Etiquette on my part!

Oh me, Oh my, Jendi over at pointed out a fauxpas on my part. I recently tagged her for a meme and she graciously played along but pointed out (very nicely, too) that I failed to play when she had tagged me in December. I do not know how I missed her tag. I was waiting to be tagged (I've been tagged twice now... so don't feel it necessary to send tons of tags my way.) and read her blog faithfully everyday. I'm just gonna plead frazzled Christmas nerves.

Anyway, now that my mistake has been pointed out, I plan to rectify the situation by doing the meme. I believe we are all properly recovered from Christmas to enjoy a little reminder of the festivities. So here goes...

1. Do I wrap or bag presents? I have children. I wrap. Bags provide too much temptation.

2. Is our tree real or artificial? Artificial all the way! I like my tree up way to long to keep a real one alive. We burn a pine candle to create the real tree smell that my DH likes.

3. When do we put our tree up? Day after Thanksgiving. We are usually too slothful to do it on Thanksgiving.

4. When do you take your tree down? Was I supposed to? No, seriously, we always say we're going to take it down on New Year's Day but again we are to slothful. It usually happens by the second week of January.

5. Do I like eggnog? Yes, as long as it's non-alcoholic.

6. What was my favorite gift I received as a child? I would have to say a Fisher Price play set by my Uncle Dale. I was always shy around him but when he gave this to me one Christmas I ran right over to him and gave him a hug.

7. Do we put up a Nativity scene? Yep, it's set up before the tree. It's ceramic, the shepard is missing a hand and Joseph's staff is broken but the kids love it.

8. Who is the hardest person to buy for? Grandpa Lewis.

9. Who is the easiest person to buy for? My pre-teen daughter. If it's pink, fluffy or horse related it's good. Her ideal present: a pink, fluffy book on horses.

10. Worst gift ever received? I truly can't think of anything. People who buy me gifts, know me pretty well. My DH received a really poor quality champange. Of course it could have been the best in the world and we still wouldn't have appreciated it. We aren't drinkers.

11. E-mail or Mail Christmas cards? I prefer old fashioned snail mail, both to give and receive. I never seem to get as many as I send out, though. Humph.

12. What is my favorite Christmas movie? Does a Charlie Brown Christmas Special count?

13. When do I start shopping for Christmas? August and September... as soon as I see the decor come out in the stores. My goal is to have everything purchased by Thanksgiving.

14. Have I ever recycled a gift? Nope, but I'm not against re-gifting.

15. Favorite Christmas treat to eat? Fudge

16. Clear or colored lights? I like colored. The DH likes clear. Currently we are clear.

17. Favorite Christmas song? Angels We Have Heard On High.

18. Do you travel on Christmas or stay home? Currently we are located far from the rest of our loved ones so we stay home. If we lived a bit closer we would travel to see them. We can't afford to fly six of us cross-country.

19. Can I name all of the reindeer? Ahhh, besides Rudolph? Let's see: Dancer, Prancer, Donner and Vixen, Comet, Cupid, ???? and Blitzen. It would appear I'm shy one.

20. Do we top our tree with an angel or a star? Angel.

21. When do we open our presents? We open one family gift on Christmas Eve and the rest after Christmas breakfast.

22. What is the most annoying thing about this time of year? Political Correctness! and crowds.

23. Do I prefer to shop the mall or online? I prefer the mall. I'm touchy-feely when it comes to my purchases. This is why I shop before Thanksgiving.

24. Do we decorate inside or outside or both? Currently we are only decorating inside. The DH is in charge of outside and he's been non-festive for the last couple of years.

25. Favorite Christmas Cookies? Secret Lewis family sugar cookie recipe, "Grandma Ethel's" sugar cookies with lots of buttercream frosting and sprinkles.

26. Do I wear Christmas jewelry or clothing? NO! I refuse to wear the "festive" sweater look. I watch "What Not To Wear". I wouldn't be opposed to small, tasteful, unobtrusive Christmas jewelry. Nothing tacky.

27. How do we decorate our tree? Ummm... I've let go of having the perfect tree. I let the kids hang as they will and only speak up if we get too big a clump in one section. I also refuse to let tinselly garland on the tree. We use ribbon.

Okay, folks. That was it! And I extend, once more, my apologies to Jendi. I will tag someone else with this when it gets a little closer to the season again. Or perhaps in July.... evil laughter... bloggers beware.

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Jendi said...

No groveling necessary!
You're a good sport to play along in February.
It took up your whole front blog page.
Sounds like colored vs. clear lights could cause problems at your house. ;)