Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Winter vs. mail delivery

I love snow and it has been falling! What I don't love is my duplex's mailbox. As you can see it is in poor condition in the best of weather. But add wind, snow and snow plows and it is in pieces. I have had to dig it out of enough snow over the past few weeks that the snow is literally holding it up. We are the box on the left with the number. (Our land lord isn't too into fixing things- but the rent is cheap.)
The road is down under an inch or two of packed snow at the base of the picture. In order for the mail to be delivered I have to have the box dug out enough for the mail truck to reach it and not get stuck in snow drifts. This wouldn't be a big deal as it has only been snowing an few inches a day but then the snow plows come down the road. This is great for the road and driving, but not so great for the mailbox. I'm sure having snow thrown at it is what finally broke ours. Also, all the snow on the road gets thrown over in front of it- causing me more shoveling.
We didn't receive mail yesterday- with the wind chill below zero I decided to skip the shoveling. Today I shoveled in 2 degree weather and despite it's poor physical shape, I received mail in the box.
It is snowing like a ticker tape parade right now and I just saw the snow plow truck go down the main street in front of our street so I'm sure that I'll be shoveling again tomorrow (and perhaps packing more snow around our box so it stands up). Now if I could just keep our college neighbors from parking in front of it. I am not shoveling them a parking space, LOL! Good times!

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