Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spring fever got a hold...

I couldn't stand it any longer. I needed to plant! I love snow and I'm glad it's still all around me (and will be for four to five more weeks) BUT... I needed green. I needed to do something springlike. Hence: The Lewis Herb Garden.

We planted chives, peppermint, cilantro and sweet basil in empty toliet paper tubes (See www.suzannemcminn.com/blog/ - how to make bio-degradable pots for seed starting-for a photo tutorial how-to.) and set them in a cardboard box, lined with a trash bag. We also put a grow light on them.

The cost was minimal. Some store bought seed starting dirt/mix and the seeds.

The process was easy. (Not counting pinched fingers in a sibling fight over scissors and Mom having to say, "This is our science for the day! You will turn off the Playstation 2 and come over!") Once the kids started, they enjoyed it and had fun. They'll really appreciate it when the seed start showing.

I plan on finding some inexpensive containers to transfer the starts to when they get bigger and we'll put our little container herb garden out on the deck. Of course right now our deck is buried in snow. Sigh.

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