Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Hey all!

Hope this day finds you happy and celebrating with your loved ones. The kids have enjoyed their cards and candy and I enjoyed having breakfast in bed from the DH. He unexpectedly ended up having today off and surprised me. It was quite nice. I also surprised him with a gift.

Let me tell you, it has been a long time since I have shopped for sexy lingerie. (Like, since before we had kids- Eleven years +.) I had a small budget so I started with my local discount retailer (Meijer) and also Target. What I found there were $20 items that looked cheap and raunchy. Okay, off to Victoria's Secret. They had nice items and a good selection but $50 is more then I can spend right now. (Especially on something that is going to spend more time on the floor then on me.) So, since I was at the mall, I checked out Kohl's and Penney's. I was pleasantly surprised. They had a few nice pieces which at regular price ($35) was still more then I wanted to spend but they had them on sale. I walked out of the store (Kohl's) with just what I needed for $18. Less then the discount stores. The piece was nicely made and sexy but not trashy. So for all of you who need something like this in the future- skip the low priced stores and the high priced stores and go for a mid-priced store's sale. Enjoy!

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