Monday, February 4, 2008

Time for a new system!

The DH has requested a change from the Costco size sugar and creamer. He has grown weary of dishing out of such large containers. So I'd like to know what you all use that is both efficient yet pretty. The DH would be happy with Tupperware but I have gained approval to look for "prettier" options first.


Dana said...

We have plastic containers from the dollar store, but we keep them in a cabinet, out of sight. They aren't pretty.

We bought a 50 pound bag of whole wheat flour this fall and are keeping it in the freezer. We scoop out about 5 pounds when we need to refill the plastic container. So far, so good. I think the financial benefits of buying things like sugar and flour in bulk outweigh the asthetic/inconvenience factors when you consider the money you can save. We're all about saving. :-)

Sounds like y'all are feeling better if you can think about things like sugar!


Cyndi Lewis said...

Hey Dana,
Yeah, I'm much better. I'm still battling a bit of a sinus headache each day but one dose of tylenol takes care of it. Yesterday was my first day back to normal- Chores, shopping, packing the DH's lunch. The kids are still recovering and the DH is battling thru it but there is light! Today I'm going to attempt to get the kids back to their school work.

Amy said...

Well, I actually use some plastic pitchers that came 3/$6 in three various sizes (stacked inside each other) from WalMart. They're great for sugar, flour, etc. in my pantry.

What I'd like to do, though, is eventually transfer everything to old fashioned jars with at (tached lids. I think either clear or blue glass would be pretty and functional.

Cyndi Lewis said...

Great idea! Thanks!

Kara S. said...

I used to do the bag / large container thing too but neither was very "pretty." Then we got a set of 3 Pfaltzgraff canisters that we leave out on the counter for easy access. Sometimes you can get the canister sets for a very reasonable price online, plus they come in a variety of patterns. We also tried the kind of canisters you can get at Walmart with the metal clasps - they were okay for the first couple of months but then something happened to the clasps, and well....they weren't our favorite. :) By the way, I jumped over here from Biblical Womanhood. :)