Monday, February 25, 2008

Too many tiny gadgets!

This is the organized drawer... yeah, I know it's still quite, uhm... "full", but trust me, it's much better. You can see the bottom and like items are grouped together.

This is the before I cleaned it shot: I spy with my little eye... a mess!

I cleaned my small kitchen utensil/gadget drawer this weekend. The DH made a comment that he couldn't find anything in it. Well, when you have a nine year old putting the dishes away, sometimes things get a bit dicey- especially when said nine year old isn't cursed... err... BLESSED... with her mother's obsessive/compulsive disorder for organization. So I emptied the drawer, got rid of a few things, moved a few things to other homes, stacked measuring cups and spoons together (What a concept!) and reaquainted myself (and my daughter) with everything. The DH hasn't said anything more so I figure it passes muster. I really didn't take long... ten minutes at the most. Now the drawer that really needs it is the kitchen junk drawer. That one is just plain scary! For more organization projects and ideas go to (Crystal's blog: Making your home a haven Mondays/challenge).

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Dana said...

We have a drawer that looks JUST like your's! Probably 99.995% of American homes do. I cleaned out the bathroom drawers last night. Too many tiny things there also.