Saturday, February 23, 2008

What are you reading?

I'm just curious to know what type of books my visitors pick up to read? What section of the bookstore and what bookstores do you gravitate to?

I gravitate to Christian bookstores and Barnes and Noble. My non-fiction choices are all over the board- what ever particular whim or hobby I'm on. I have a path carved to the craft, hobby, cooking and travel sections and I could go on. Ohhh... and magazines... don't get me started. I'm going cold turkey on buying any. I've promised my DH I will stick to my subscriptions only. (Midwest Living, Country Living and Writer's Digest) So far I have been successful (under threat of an intervention and magazine rehab) at this. I avoid the periodical section in the bookstore and Costco's magazine rack. What is terrible is standing in line at the grocery store. Magazines are like my crack.

For fiction, I'm a sucker for a good romance but I also like fantasy. I do tend to genre hop more than most. Maybe that's why I have so many different ideas for novels of my own. My dreams inspire a lot of my ideas too. But what to do with last night's dream? (Ewan McGregor as a grasshopper who turned human.) Whatever I ate before bed last night probably shouldn't be consumed again, huh? I'll get my people in contact with Ewan's for the movie role! LOL!


Dana said...

I like to read, but don't get to as much as I'd like. Lately I've been reading books and ebooks on starting a business. I also gravitate to books about simple living, simple recipes, simple, simple, simple.

You have a few in your stack I'd like to read. How is the book on the handbags?


Cyndi Lewis said...

The book was really good. It made me feel I could actually make a stylish purse. My sewing machine is kaput right now so I haven't tried any of the patterns but with your brand new machine I bet you could turn out some beauties! The stack of book pictured are all library books so you might check your local branch.

Kara S. said...

Right now my bookstore of choice is the local library! :) I absolutely love Barnes & Noble and have gone through serious withdrawal since the closest store location is almost 100 miles away. Christian bookstores are awesome - I love Christian fiction. However, like B&N, the closest store is quite a drive. I tend to shop CBD online or Amazon for books I really want to read that I can't get at the library.

As far as what section of the bookstore, definitely the inspirational fiction section. I'm not much of a non-fiction reader, maybe because my work focuses so much on non-fiction. I also like good biographies and the classics.

I don't think I'd survive living in our rural area without our library and my magazine subscriptions - Good Housekeeping, Country Living, Taste of Home, Dynamic Graphics, House Beautiful.

Jendi said...

I could go on forever about books and authors! I've been a voracious reader my whole life.

I'll read anything that looks interesting no matter what genre it is. My favorite is Christian Fiction with science fantasy as a second choice and biographies coming up third.

It's a rare occasion for me to shop in a "real" bookstore. Too much temptation. I love Paperback Swap, the library book sales, thrift shop, local flea market, Amazon & Alibris. Other than that I go to the library a lot. I look through the CBD catalog, make a list, and request books through the library. :) I'm blessed to have 3 libraries within a 20 minute drive from my house.

I enjoy magazines a lot, but again rarely buy them full price. I don't particularly care if I read them late so I'm always keeping my eye out for already read magazines. I've picked up some at thrift shops, and flea markets. Our Dollar Store has Better Homes & Gardens sometimes.

Okay, I better quit hogging the comment section. LOL.

Jill S. said...

I'm an author but I love to read. Unfortunately live so far from a decent bookstore I have to rely on Amazon. Not as fun when I really want to pull books off the shelves and browse that way . . .