Thursday, February 28, 2008

A vain attempt to get comments

My husband and I love to cook with garlic salt. We got addicted to Costco's brand that comes in a grinder. But Costco has discountinued it and my husband's warehouse ran out. Doing what any good husband would do, he got on the computer and found a warehouse that still had some in stock and had them ship it to us. A whole entire case! Needless to say we now have a two to three year supply. (At least!)

So, since I have more than enough, I figured it would be fun to share the bounty and do a giveaway, here at Modern Christian Homestead. If you want to be entered to win a grinder bottle of Kirkland Signature roasted garlic and sea salt, leave a comment here and a way for me to get a hold of you if you are the winner (e-mail or blog addy).

I will close the give away on Friday night/Saturday morning (12am) and announce the winner in a Saturday post.

Have fun!


Kara S. said...

Garlic and sea salt? Sounds wonderful and tasty. My DH loves garlic salt, so I'd absolutely love to try this. :)

Dana said...

We love garlic around here! Garlic and sea salt sound interesting! What's the difference between regular salt and sea salt? (Does sea salt taste fishy??? JUST KIDDING!!!)


mamaof3 said...

I've never seen that, but it sounds wonderful!

nannykim said...

WEEEEEllll--love garlic--but we watch our salt---however, I hear that sea salt is better in the flavor department!