Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I eat brownies for breakfast...

Is that bad? I fix my kids toast and oatmeal, pancakes, waffles, scrambled eggs etc. But I choose muffins, brownies, cookies, danish etc. I have even been known to shovel in leftover birthday cake. Oh... and donuts... the little powdered sugar kind! (But any donuts will do.)

Sigh. I'll eat an omelet or biscuits and gravy if someone else makes them but I'm just not a chipper, cheery, get to the day, morning gal. I need my coffee and as little movement as possible.

I save healthy eating for other meals when I'm actually awake. What about you? Am I the only "bad" breakfast eater?


mamaof3 said...

Your lucky your thin, so you can do that!!! But I do love to eat things like that for breakfast too! I just can't cause I'm overweight, ok I shouldn't cause I'm overweight!

Jendi said...

I'm so with you! I've tried to reform and be a good example for the kids, but it's so hard! We eat pop-tarts and waffles a lot. :)

My hubby and I love chocolate chip cookies for breakfast. Oh, and No bake cookies...at least they have oatmeal in them.

Another thing we have alike!

Mrs. U said...

HAHA!!! I had to laugh REALLY loud when I read this!!! I've been known to eat brownies (or any sweet) for breakfast, too. I'm SUCH a sweets-aholic!!!!!! Not good, I know, especially when I'm overweight!! OH DEAR!!!!

Mrs. U