Friday, February 15, 2008

Where did all the "writer" stuff come from?

For my regular readers who are wondering why all of a sudden all this writing stuff is popping up on my blog... it's just suddenly popping up in my life. I'm hoping it is God spurring me on to complete what I have started. He is, after all, the originator of my creativity. I just have to figure out how to write and not have it take "idol" status in my life. I'm very good at creating "idols" out of the things I do. I can lift housework and taking care of my family to idol status. Thank goodness for God's grace in sending Jesus Christ. Anywhoo... I started this blog to share my interests, experiences and ideas with other like-minded individuals and to keep the Grandma's up to date on our life in Michigan- so I hope non-writers will bear with the writing stuff, writers will bear with the "home" stuff, and grandmas will bear with the non-grandkid stuff. I am multi-faceted and given to many a whim.

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Mrs. U said...

OH WOW!! This is exciting!!! You are a writer!!!! I can't to see how the Lord uses your talents for His glory!!

Mrs. U