Monday, February 18, 2008

Food Network Wanna-be

The DH and I love to watch the food network. So much so that this year with our Costco/American Express yearly rebate we purchased a bonafide Cuisinart food processor. We have only had a mini Braun processor in the past and it was not very effective.

I am very excited to experiment with it, yet petrified at the same time, for two reasons. The first- I am not naturally "chefy". The DH is the one who looks at our pantry and throws together wonderful stuff from scratch. He is the one who remembers to saute fresh onion and garlic for the base of his dishes. I on the other hand cook more like the school cafeteria lunch lady. There is little pizazz to my dishes. I will even need to re-train the brain to actually remember to use the food processor.

The second- I think I've mentioned once or twice (or a few hundred) that I am not naturally inclined to technology and innovation. I'm a story teller not a scientist. The food processor came with a lot of interchangable parts, do-dads/attatchments and the most scary thing of all... an instructional DVD. If I need to watch a DVD to understand how to operate this thing, I'm doomed.

Oh, well... I did add a couple of gizmo's to this web site over the weekend, so I will continue the battle and conquer my ineptness with intricate kitchen appliances. Paula Deen... look out! Hmmm... or should I be warning my family?

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